Pro Audio

Recognised as one of the forerunners and leaders in miniature pro-audio microphones, our products range from rugged headworns to ultra lightweight “invisible” earworns, each designed to meet different voice requirements, from performance venues to houses of worship. Whether it’s for speech or for singing, these microphones will never fail to deliver a natural sounding quality that is highly revered.

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Military/Security/Industrial Communications

A wide range of headsets, boom microphones, radio communication kits and accessories are available to meet most public safety, military, security or covert type applications. Options are also available for different microphone type, earphones/speakers, bone transducers, PTT, connectors, waterproofing, etc.

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IntriCon has invested extensive R&D work into developing high-end headsets and boom microphones for use in general and commercial aviation. Our assembly line conforms to Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) TSO-C58a performance standards. TSO approval is based on meeting all applicable standards set forth in Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) document No. D0-214.

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Rugged and durable, yet colourful and attractive, with outstanding sound quality, our range of headworn microphones is designed for users who are physically active and always on the move during use. Very popular among aerobic instructors, a waterproofed version is also available as an option.

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IntriCon offers a very complete professional audio communications product line. 

Our product range includes microphone capsules, boom microphones, lavalier microphones, headworn microphones, earworn microphones, headsets, DSP modules, integrated systems as well as a variety of accessories.

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