IntriCon Super Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Thru many years of experience in microphone design, IntriCon developed a range of noise-canceling microphones that are known for their consistency and exceptional voice quality while rejecting high noise levels from the surroundings. Our microphones are highly revered in various industries and applications such as:

1. Formula One racing

2. Military Jets, Helicopters, Tanks and Amoured Vehicles

3. Commercial & Private Aviation

4. Speech Recognition Data Logging devices in noisy warehousing environments

5. Sports Broadcasting

6. Professional Intercom Systems


IntriCon also strives to work closely with our customers to study and better understand their communication needs and problems faced during operation. Through these exercises and experiments, we are able to design and produce effective solutions that meet their needs.

Shown below is such an example.

It is very difficult to capture speech clearly and with minimal distortion in the extremely noisy and harsh environment of a Formula One car during a race. IntriCon was then consulted to provide a solution.



Audio recordings were made during test drives around the circuit to compare our IntriCon microphone solution to that of another major supplier of noise-cancelling microphones. From the recordings, it clearly demonstrated IntriConís superior ability to capture speech clearly and with better signal-to-noise ratio.


Click above to listen to
audio recording
Click above to listen to
audio recording

* speech may sound a little unusual but it is to be expected during high speed drives.