Designed primarily for communication purposes, the high quality noise-cancelling or directional microphone used is perfect for applications where good intelligibility or speech recognition is required in high noise environment. Option for waterproofed microphones is also available. Listening device is available in the form of dynamic speaker or bone transducer, single or dual sided.

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Headworn & Earworn Microphones

Full and natural sounding, our headworn microphones cater to a variety of applications, ranging from speech to high quality music performances. The earworn is the perfect solution for anyone who desires a microphone that is lightweight and comfortable to put on but doesn’t like the device to be clearly seen, and yet delivers the professional sound that everyone expects.

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Lavalier Microphones

Small and unobtrusive, the smallest being only 2.5mm in diameter! Omni-directional in polar response, they come in a range of design and frequency response to meet different application requirements, ranging from radio communications to professional stage presentations.

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Boom Microphones

Flexible booms (gooseneck) are available in various lengths and in diameters of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm, all possible to be custom fitted to user’s requirement. Microphone used may be omni-directional, cardioid, super/hyper-cardioid or noise-cancelling (bi-directional). Option of waterproof microphone is also available upon request.

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IntriCon provides a wide range of audio accessories to professionals worldwide. Our commitment to quality and engineering ensures the very highest product performance is realized.

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Looking for a product with a particular application in mind? Check out our range of products in the Applications section for more information.


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