HS-100 Noise Protecting Headset

Great Acoustic Performance

Superb Ambient Noise Rejection

Boom Mic Switchable to Right Or Left Side

Lightweight and Comfortable

Built-in Loudspeaker output limiters

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Comfortable headset with wide-band noise attenuation is suitable for use in air and rail transport, industrial worksite as well as Pro Audio. Equipped with RFI filtered noise-cancelling electret microphone that provides good speech transmission in high noise environments. Microphone is featured with an adjustable boom to permit precise placement.

Earphone speakers provide high output with low distortion.



Microphone Style MH-12
Generating Element: Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern: Noise-Canceling
(1 kHz @ ¼” distance)
-29 dB re 1 V/Pa (Nominal, 5V bias & 10 kOhm RL)
Frequency Response: 300 Hz to 6 kHz
Bias Voltage: 2 Vdc to 12 Vdc
Impedance: 3k Ohm (typical)
Frequency Range: 300 Hz to10 kHz
Output: 104 dB SPL @ 1 mW 1 kHz
Impedance: 300 ohm each, (150 ohm parallel)
Cable length: 1.2 m
Color: Black
Standard Accessories: Windscreen

Datasheet HS-100