IE3 In-ear Headset

Great Acoustic Performance

Lightweight and comfortable

Protection against rain, dust and perspiration

Protection from moderate noise with open ear with a standard earplug

Option of wireless PTT allows user remotely and wirelessly PTT the headset

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IE3 In-ear Headset is a specially designed for radio communication. It contains a microphone which pick up speech from ear canal, and a receiver provides high output with low distortion.

The headset earbud is for lighter fit and protection from moderate noise. The open ear can be protected by a standard earplug.

It comes with an in-line PTT and option of wireless PTT allows activate PTT at any time, even during riding the motorcycle.

It comes with interchangeable earbuds for different sizes.


Frequency Response: 300 Hz to 6 kHz
Sensitivity (1kHz @ ¼” distance): -30 dB ref 1V/Pa
Frequency Range: 300 Hz to 5 kHz
Output: 102 dBSPL
Waterproofing: IP54
Accessories: Ear plug (Sizes S, M & L)

Wireless PTT (Optional)

Color: Black
Termination: Any Radio which can provides supply voltage at 5V

Datasheet IE3