Microphone Windscreens and Ear Cushions

Type External Length External Diameter Part Number Applicable for products
    W16 Mic Windscreen 16 mm 8 mm 9W02-123 (Black)
9W02-124 (Beige)
IM-01/02/03, HF-60
    W23 Mic Windscreen 20 mm 14 mm 9W02-127 (Black)
9W02-129 (Beige)
    W55 Mic Windscreen 28 mm 17 mm 9W02-102 (Black)
9W02-121 (Beige)
AF-03, SH-06, 734/747/748
    W74 Mic Windscreen 32mm 20 mm 9W02-105 (Black) All SH, AF, LV-23, 734/747/748
    W76 Mic Windscreen 38mm 23 mm 9W02-107 (Black) SH-10, AF-03, LV-23, 736/746/755/756
    W79 Mic Windscreen 38mm 23 mm 9W02-122 SH-10, AF-03, LV-23, 736/746/755/756
    W40 Mic Windscreen 39 mm 27 mm 9W02-113 (Black) SH-05/06 or headset with similar housing size
    W41 Mic Windscreen 36 mm 30 mm 9W02-120 (Black) AF-03, SH-10 or others with similar size speaker
    W42 Mic Windscreen 39 mm 38 mm 9W02-128 (Black) AF-03, SH-10 or others with similar size speaker

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