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“Professional Audio Devices & Accessories…. We make sound ALIVE with Passion”

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Intricon Asia designs, develops, and manufactures “Professional Audio Devices and Accessories” (PADA) products, providing innovative and highly effective communications solutions in demanding situations. Whether it is competing background noise, stage performance conditions, covert communications, or extreme / hazardous environments.


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Microphone Capsule

Customised Products & Accessories

Outstanding Sound Quality

Events Organizer

Product: 5200

“I use this mic for wedding and event videos. The sound is incredibly clear and does not pick up a lot of extraneous noise, such as rubbing against clothing etc. Nice integrated clip and mic. No worries about the clip coming loose from the wire.”

Great Product

Worship Leader

Product: IM01

“Purchased this item when the Pastors mic started having problems, He is extremely happy with the two-ear design, says it stays on better without being a nuisance. He told me sometimes he forgets he has it on. Wire and mic is extremely unnoticeable. We have only had the mic for about a month, but so far I can say, way to go!”

Best Sound Of All Aerobic Headsets

Fitness Instructor

Product: HT747

“As a course trainer, I use many different microphones and headsets in the studios. As I sweat a lot, the studios asked me to use my own headset because I always broke the studio sets. A sales employee recommended this to me and it’s the best I’ve used so far. The voice can be understood more clearly than with the other microphones and it’s much more sweat-resistant than anything I’ve come to know so far. I would buy the headset again.”



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